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Important Reminders regarding Maintenance Requests:

  • Plumbing:

    Flushing Toilets—The following items are not allowed to be flushed down the toilet regardless of the labelling because they cause slow drainage and clog the drain which over time will cause the sewer to back-up overflowing into the apartment and/or property:  Adult and Baby Wipes, Feminine Hygiene Products (tampons), Paper Towels and/or Napkins.

  • Lighting:

    You are responsible for replacing the ceiling fan and bathroom lighting that is not florescent.  We will replace florescent and appliance lighting.

  • Air Filters:

    It is your responsibility to request a new air filter for your air conditioning each month to maintain the air conditioner to function efficiently and to reduce costs.  Steeple Club will replace all air filters two times a year. Fall/Winter and Summer.

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